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Monday10 AM–7 PM
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Acrylic nails

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Address: 724 ID-41, Post Falls, ID 83854

Phone: (208) 981-0014


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Donna Canright

My nails looked very pretty at first. They peeled within the first day! When I went in to get them to get them repaired they peeled again the same day. The girl sitting next to me was laughing about how all of the gel polish had come off of her nails in two weeks! I have never had that In all the years of having may nails done. I have a wonderful The thumb nail was brittle and needed repair. She refused. She told me I can only have my nails dipped from now on! First and last time at her shop.

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Minnie Sneed

Love this place! One of the best nail salons near me ever! Fun and relaxing atmosphere. They were very fast and did a great job! I have a gel pedicure with a design on my big toe and a set of dip powder nails. Highly recommended.

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Maudie Kuhlman

A-MA-ZING! The salon is lovely, the prices are competitive, the staff is super friendly. They made sure I was happy with the design. I absolutely love how the nails turned out! So happy I ignored these bad review and gave them a try! They are more than 5 stars rating!

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Helena Mosciski

All these 5-star reviews are completely right. I’ve never had someone so meticulously take care of my nails. Super friendly and professional. The salon was conveniently located and amazingly decorated. It was beautiful, clean and relaxing. Will be back soon!

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Edith Briceno

Thank you for the amazing manicures & pedicures that have lasted me months literally! The vibes of the place are so chill and I can go any time of the day with my family. The nail techs are very nice, gentle and professional. Their prices are really good too. Can’t recommend this enough!!

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Blanchard Ball

This is the most amazing nail salon in Post Falls ever! The inside is so clean and pretty! The team is polite – friendly – gentle and their work is great. It’s my first time getting acrylics and they advised me really well. I’ll be back in a heartbeat.

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Madisyn Hackett

I stumbled into this salon and was taken care of from the moment I stepped foot inside. All the techs are kind, warm, and have high expertise on nails. My mom was very happy with her pedicure and the foot massage. My acrylic nails also were so good! The experience is fantastic. Thank you!

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Julie Delano

Can not even begin to express how wonderful this place is! I always bring in crazy fun designs and they spend time making sure I leave with perfect nails! Last time, I brought my mom and she was so happy with her Pink&White. Give them a try, you never disappoint for sure!

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Elias Zarabi

I had my gel nails done 3 weeks ago now and still have no chips on my nails! These girls are really friendly and you should give them a try! I had nail art done on 2 nails and it’s amazingly detailed especially since it’s hand-painted. Strongly recommend it!

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Yolanda Martinez

Was really friendly & comfy on the inside. The nail tech was available so did my manicure while I was getting my pedicure with a foot massage. Amazing to have it all get done at once! The massage released all my tension. If I lived in Post Falls this would be a regular place for me!

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J K Nails - Post Falls, ID 83854 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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