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The Paladin is one of the tankiest Mastery Classes in Last Epoch, wielding powerful auras and buffs that boost survivability without compromising offense. Our Paladin build takes advantage of this using the Hammer Throw skill to create a spiral of hammers that can cover whole screens with damage. ARPG veterans will enjoy a familiar playstyle similar to the famous Diablo 2 Hammerdin or Path of Exile's Spectral Helix, while newcomers will benefit from Paladin's elite innate defenses. This Last Epoch Hammerdin guide will walk you through all the skill trees, passives, and gear needed to tackle difficult endgame Dungeons and Empowered Monoliths.

On this page:

  • Hammer Throw Paladin playstyle, pros, and cons
  • Hammer Throw Paladin Skill Trees and Specializations
    • Hammer Throw
    • Smite
    • Holy Aura
    • Sigils of Hope
    • Volatile Reversal
  • Hammer Throw Paladin Passive Trees
    • Hammer Throw Paladin passive skill order
  • Hammer Throw Paladin gear
    • Weapon
    • Shield
    • Rings
    • Amulet
    • Belt
    • Relic
    • Helmet, Gloves, Boots, and Body Armour
    • Idols
  • Hammer Throw Paladin Blessings


Hammer Throw Paladin Playstyle, Pros, and Cons

This version of Hammer Throw Paladin uses orbiting hammers to easily clear monster packs on the move. It can also exploit overlapping hammers to achieve excellent single-target DPS. However, doing so requires smart positioning and well-timed buff management. You must stay close to bosses for maximum DPS and try to dodge attacks in a way that maintains overlap from your orbiting hammers.

Great clear speed and single-target damageLots of button presses and buff management
Elite innate defensesRequires precise positioning for maximum damage
Easily cap resistances with Holy Aura to make gearing easier Ramp-up time needed for single target DPS

Hammer Throw Paladin Skill Trees and Specializations

As you level up your Paladin you will unlock five specialization slots, each allowing you to level up a skill through a unique skill tree. You can earn a maximum of 20 points per skill and gain bonus points from your items. We will walk through each skill and where to allocate your points below.

Hammer Throw

Your main damage-dealing skill is Hammer Throw, which launches a single projectile that returns to the user. However, the Iron Spiral and Hammer Vortex nodes on the Hammer Throw skill tree fundamentally change this behavior, causing the hammers to spiral outward around you. The Catapult node then increases the number of hammers thrown per cast, allowing you to hit enemies with many hammers at once. The rest of your points will go towards increasing damage and offsetting the steep mana cost incurred by Catapult, Iron Spiral, and Hammer Vortex.

SpecializationPoints to allocateDescription
Winged Hammers1Hammers Travel Faster.
Steadfast Path1Hammer Throw hits have a chance to deal double damage, but hammers no longer return to you.
Iron Spiral1Hammers now travel in a spiral around you, but halves the number of additional hammers and Hammer Throw costs more mana.
Hammer Vortex1Your spiraling hammers now orbit you, but Hammer Throw costs more mana.
Catapult2Hammer Throw launches additional hammers but costs more mana. Hammers from the same throw cannot hit the same enemy unless they spiral.
Ballista3Hammer Throw deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) and costs less mana.
Rapid Throw2Hammer Throw has increased attack speed.
Shattering Force5Hammer Throw hits have a chance to reduce enemy armor.
Guardian's Zeal3Using Hammer Throw grants you a stack of Zeal for 4 seconds, which increases your damage and critical strike chance by 10% per stack.
Zealot's Conviction3Hammer Throw hits have a higher chance to deal double damage.


Smite damages enemies and heals players in a small area around the target. With the point investment below, it also provides mana regeneration, blinds enemies, and buffs your attack speed for four seconds. You can manually cast Smite as needed or use Adorned Idols with the "Chance to cast Smite when you hit an enemy with throwing attacks" affix to automate it.


SpecializationPoints to allocateDescription
Holy Wave2Smite heals in a larger area.
Soothing Balm3Being healed by Smite grants you or your allies increased health and mana regeneration for 4 seconds (does not stack).
Righteous Fury3You deal additional melee fire damage if you have hit an enemy with Smite recently (lasts 4 seconds).
Righteous Flurry4You have increased attack and cast speed if you have hit an enemy with Smite recently (lasts 4 seconds)
Blinding Flash5Smite hits have a chance to blind enemies and deal more damage to blinded enemies (multiplicative with other modifiers).
Grace3Smite heals allies for more health.

Holy Aura

Holy Aura provides passive bonuses to resistances and damage and can be activated to double those bonuses for a short duration. Vital Boon adds health regeneration to the mix, and Purification lets you cleanse all ailments by activating Holy Aura. Invest the rest of your points into amping Holy Aura’s damage bonuses and adding additional boosts to attack speed, critical strike chance, and critical strike multiplier.

SpecializationPoints to allocateDescription
Vital Boon2Holy Aura grants you and your allies increased health regeneration.
Purification1Holy Aura grants you and your allies increased poison resistance. Activating Holy Aura cleanses ailments for you and your allies.
Call to Arms2Holy Aura grants you and your allies increased physical damage.
Strength From Afar2Holy Aura grants you and your allies increased throwing attack damage and increased stun chance with throwing attacks.
Expedite3Holy Aura grants you and your allies increased throwing attack speed and a chance to gain haste for 1 second on hit.
Fanaticism3Holy Aura grants you and your allies increased attack and cast speed.
True Strike4Holy Aura grants you and your allies increased critical strike chance.
Extreme Zeal3Holy Aura causes you and your allies' critical strikes to deal more damage.

Sigils of Hope

Sigils of Hope creates Sigils, a stacking buff that provides added fire damage and healing for 15 seconds. While this build doesn't get much out of extra fire damage, the powerful defensive buffs from the top right section of the Sigils of Hope skill tree are too good to pass up. Your other points reduce Sigils of Hope's mana cost, increase the maximum stacks to four, and provide a bit of extra damage.

SpecializationPoints to allocateDescription
Invigorate2Sigils Grant you and your allies increased healing effectiveness.
Quiet Mind3Sigils of Hope costs less mana
Polygram1You can summon an additional Sigil. Does not override Soliloquy.
Empowering Sigils4Sigils increase the damage of you and your allies.
Last Wish1You have a chance to summon a Sigil when you kill an enemy.
Iron Sigils2Sigils grant you and your allies additional endurance threshold.
Enduring Hope2Sigils last longer.
Meditation1Sigils now only affect you but provide twice as much health regeneration.
Sign of the Guardian3Sigils grant additional block chance and block effectiveness.
Faith1If you take a hit that deals more than 25% of your health, a Sigil is consumed, healing you for 200 health.

Volatile Reversal

Volatile Reversal is perhaps the best defensive skill in Last Epoch, rewinding you two seconds in time to your previous position, health, and mana. You can forgo the mana restoration by speccing into Timelost Wisdom, massively reducing Volatile Reversal’s cooldown. This tree will also provide an attack speed boost and create Void Rifts that cause enemies to take increased damage from all sources.


SpecializationPoints to allocateDescription
Time Sap3You have a chance to recover a percentage of Volatile Reversal's remaining cooldown when you kill an enemy and when you hit a boss or rare enemy.
Warped Time3You gain increased attack and cast speed after casting Volatile Reversal. The duration of this buff is equal to the length of time you traveled back.
Catching Up3You gain movement speed after casting Volatile Reversal. The duration of this buff is equal to the length of time you traveled back.
Traveler's Fatigue2Volatile Reversal has a shorter cooldown, but you have reduced health regeneration while volatile Reversal is on cooldown.
Timelost Wisdom1Volatile Reversal has a significantly shorter cooldown but no longer restores mana.
Terminal Void Rift1When you cast Volatile Reversal you create a Void Rift where you arrive.
Dark Expanse3Volatile Reversal's Void Rifts deal damage in a larger area.
Harbinger of Dust3Enemies hit by Volatile Reversal's Void Rifts take increased damage for 4 seconds.
Incipient Void Rift1When you cast Volatile Reversal you create a Void Rift, a spell which deals void damage in an area.

Hammer Throw Paladin Passive Trees

Last Epoch's unique Mastery Class system allows you to invest passive points into your base class passive tree, your chosen Mastery Class passive tree, and the left half of your unchosen Mastery Class passive trees. You can even unlock skills from other Masteries by investing points into their trees, which is how you'll access Volatile Reversal. Our build invests in all four of Sentinel's passive trees, borrowing Volatile Reversal from Void Knight and valuable flat added Throwing Damage from Forge Guard.

Hammer Throw Paladin Passive Skill Order

In the Sentinel tree:

  • 5 points into Juggernaut
  • 5 points into Relentless
  • 5 points into Armour Clad
  • 5 points into Valiant Charge

In the Paladin tree:

  • 8 points into Conviction
  • 5 points into Honour
  • 2 points into Valor

In the Void Knight tree:

  • 5 points into Abyssal Endurance

In the Paladin tree:

  • 5 points into Valor
  • 5 points into Prayer
  • 5 points into Faith Armor
  • 10 points into Holy Precision
  • 5 points into Sanctuary Guardian


In the Forge Guard tree:

  • 5 points into Weapons Master
  • 10 points into Peltast
  • 8 points into Siege Captain
  • 1 point into Steel Aegis

In the Sentinel tree:

  • 5 points into Fearless
  • 5 points into Blademaster

In the Paladin tree:

  • 6 points into Reverance of Duality

Hammer Throw Paladin Gear

Hammer Throw builds don't need any uniques to function, making the gearing process very smooth. Holy Aura also provides a sizable bonus to your resistances, freeing up many suffix slots on your gear. Below, we'll break down the best base types for the build and the most important affixes to target on each gear slot.


Throwing attacks also don't benefit from the base melee damage of your weapon, so only certain weapon base types should be used. While leveling, use Iron Hammer and Morning Star one-handed maces for their increased Physical Damage implicit modifiers. Once you reach Monoliths, keep an eye out for Eagle Wing one-handed axes and Katana one-handed swords, which have implicit bonuses to crit chance and crit multiplier, respectively. Your stat priorities are:

  • Global Physical Damage (melee Physical Damage does not benefit Hammer Throw)
  • Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier
  • Chance to shred Armour on hit



Your Shield will provide loads of juicy defensive stats. Any shield base will do while leveling. In Monoliths, look for an Ironglass Shield, which has the highest base block chance of any shield type. Your shield stat priorities are:

  • Block Chance and Effectiveness
  • Reduced Damage Taken on Block
  • Health
  • Armor


Rings are key for this build, as they are the only items that can roll the +Throwing Damage, -Throwing Attack Mana Cost modifier. This affix will keep you from constantly running out of mana and should be a top priority to find. Most ring base types work well with Hammer Throw, including Copper Rings, Coral Rings, Opal rings, and any ring with an implicit Resistance. Your stat priorities on rings are:

  • Mandatory: +Throwing Damage, -Throwing Attack Mana Cost
  • Throwing Attack Speed
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Physical Damage
  • Health, Resistances, and Critical Strike Avoidance


Amulets are another source of coveted flat added Throwing Damage. They also have several useful base types. Jade and Silver Amulets are great for extra damage, while Astrology and Oracle Amulets provide defense through the exceedingly rare Less Damage Over Time Taken stat. Your amulet stat priorities are:

  • Throwing Damage
  • Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier
  • Chance to Shred Armor on Hit
  • Health and Resistances


Your belt slot is largely defensive, but can also provide a little extra Throwing Damage and Physical Damage. Look out for Plated Belts, Coinmail Belts, and Praetorian Belts with high armor rolls. Your belt stat priorities are:

  • Throwing Damage
  • Critical Strike Avoidance and Reduced Bonus Damage Taken
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Physical Damage



Relics are the only slot where you can find one very important stat; +X levels of Hammer Throw. A Relic with a high tier of this affix will provide a significant power boost. The Heretical Script and Mournful Pennant base types are great early on, while the Solarum Banner and Argent Crest are best later in the game. Your stat priorities are:

  • +Levels of Hammer Throw
  • Throwing Damage
  • Health and Resistances
  • Physical Damage

Helmet, Gloves, Boots, and Body Armour

Your armor slots all have similar stat priorities, albeit with a few slot-specific differences noted below. The best base types for each slot are:

  • Helmets - Myrmidon Helm, Augury Helm, Leonine Greathelm
  • Gloves - Solarum Bracers, Eternal Gauntlets
  • Boots - Solarum Greaves, Vanguard Boots, Citadel Boots
  • Body Armour - Myrmidon Plate, Champion Regalia

Your stat priorities for armor are:

  • Throwing Attack Critical Strike Chance (helmet and body armour only)
  • Throwing Attack Speed (gloves only)
  • Movement Speed (boots only)
  • Armor, Health, and Resistances.


Idols in Last Epoch cannot be modified in the forge like gear, so there is a lot of luck involved in achieving the ideal setup. In general, look for stats like Throwing Damage, Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier, Health, and Armor. You can also use Adorned Idols with "Chance to cast Smite when you hit an enemy with throwing attacks" to automate Smite casting. Use what you have available and keep a stash tab full of idols with good modifiers that you can't currently fit. You never know when they'll fit into a new configuration.

Hammer Throw Paladin Blessings

Blessings are a set of endgame upgrades in Last Epoch acquired by completing Monolith Timelines. Each Timeline has a unique pool of Blessings and will offer you a selection to choose from when you defeat that Timeline's boss. Each Blessing also has a Grand version you can earn from the Empowered Version of each Timeline. You can view your active blessings in your inventory once you have unlocked one. The best Blessings from each Timeline for this build are:


  • Fall of the Outcasts: Mark of Agony, Sign of Torment, Winds of Fortune
  • The Stolen Lance: Slumber of Morditas, Talon of Grandeur
  • The Black Sun: Wrath of Rahyeh, Winds of Oblivion
  • Blood, Frost, and Death: Enmity of the Clans, Scars of Blood
  • Ending the Storm: Bastion of Divinity, Rhythm of the Tide
  • Fall of the Empire: Hope of the Beginning, Remnants of the Living
  • Reign of Dragons: Resolve of Humanity, Survival of Might, Cruelty of Strength
  • The Last Ruin: Memory of Masters, Knowledge of Skill
  • The Age of Winter: Fury of the North, Bones of Eternity
  • Spirits of Fire: Body of Obsidian, Curse of Sulphur

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