Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (2024)

Check out this in-depth Last Epoch Paladin builds guide for ideas on skills, passives, gearing, leveling and more

Last Epoch is Eleventh Hour’s newest Action RPG to hit the market. This dungeon-crawling, time-traveling adventure has you traveling from one realm to the next, taking down hordes of enemies and bosses, and looting items.

One of the core aspects of this game genre is building your character. Whether you’re playing as a Bladedancer Rogue or a Spellblade Mage, figuring out the best build for your playstyle is important.

Last Epoch has five different classes with three masteries in each class, giving you up to 15 different character classes to explore. The Paladin is part of the Sentinel class and is the Holy Knight/Tank hybrid in the game.

While this class traditionally plays as a support in this type of game, when you build him right, he can clear mobs all on his own. Our favorite way to play the class is to go with the Fire Judgement Build.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on this build if you want to try it out for yourself.


  • 1 Last Epoch Fire Judgment Paladin Build
    • 1.1 1. Equipment:
    • 1.2 2. Skill Build:
    • 1.3 3. Passives
    • 1.4 4. Gameplay and Mechanics
  • 2 How to Level Up For This Build

Last Epoch Fire Judgment Paladin Build

The Fire Judgement is a pretty straightforward, beginner-friendly Paladin build that doesn’t rely too much on unique gears. It’s easy to build and once you get near the end levels, you’ll be able to facetank almost anything.

With that said, let’s look at the equipment, skills, and passives that you need to acquire to use this build:

1. Equipment:

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (1)

You don’t need to rely too much on your gears when you’re running the Fire Judgement build. For our playthrough, we mostly used Exalted gear, focusing on prefixes that increase fire and melee damage and boost health and health regeneration.

The Two-handed Radiant Axe fits best with the build. Despite its slower swing speed, its Melee Fire Damage and Fire Penetration buff, along with its wider range, lets you cut through mobs easily.

Here are the gears that we used:

  • Helmet: Solarum Helm
  • Body Armor: Solarum Plate
  • Gloves: Plated Gauntlets
  • Belt: Bronze Belt
  • Boots: Heobrorean Boots
  • Relic: Solar Commandment
  • Main-Hand: Radiant Axe (Two-handed)
  • Ring 1: Coral Ring
  • Ring 2: Oracle Amulet
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For the Idol slots, we mostly recommend going with defensive idols that convert elemental damage to physical damage. You also want to look for Fire Penetration, Armor, and Health for the Idol slots. Here are the ones that we recommend:

  • Grand Solar Idol
  • Huge Rahyeh Idol
  • Adorned Rahyeh Idol
  • 2x Small Lagoninan Idol
  • Stout Lagonian Idol
  • Singularity
  • Throne of Ambition

Singularity and Throne of Ambition are unique Idols, but they are completely optional. You can use any other idol for these slots without any issues.

Blessings, on the other hand, are extremely important for the build. Your goal is to boost your defense and sustain. Here are the best blessings for the build:

  • Grand Echo of Solarum: 75% Void Resistance
  • Grand Rhythm of the Tide: 200% Health Regeneration Boost
  • Grand Hunger of Dragons: 7% Melee Damage Leeched as Health
  • Grand Bulwark of the Tundra: 70% Increased Armor
  • Grand Body of Obsidian: 320 Bonus Armor

2. Skill Build:

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (2)

For this build, you want to work towards five abilities. Here’s a full list of spells along with their specific upgrades that you want to take:

Warpath: 20 Points Total

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (3)
  • Iron Reach 1 point
  • Whirling Steel 5 points
  • Cyclones of War 4 points
  • Unchained 2 points
  • Reckless Spin 1 point
  • Quicksilver Wind 1 point
  • Warrior’s Fury 1 point
  • Gorebringer 1 point
  • Earthscorcher 1 point
  • Arsenal of Flame 3 point

Rive: 24 Points Total

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (4)
  • Sever 2 points
  • Twisting Fangs 2 points
  • Savagery 3 points
  • Flurry 5 points
  • Iron Reach 4 points
  • Outburst 2 points
  • Reclamation 2 points
  • Brutality 3 points
  • Coup de Grace 1 point

Holy Aura: 22 Points Total

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (5)
  • Shelter from the Storm 5 points
  • Vital Boon 4 points
  • Rahyeh’s Devotion 2 points
  • Rahyeh’s Fury 2 points
  • Fanaticism 3 points
  • Burning Blows 5 points
  • Flame Burst 1 point

Lunge: 20 Points Total

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (6)
  • Dawn Charge 5 points
  • Disarming Blow 5 points
  • Initiate’s Onslaught 2 points
  • Warrior’s Renewal 3 points
  • Endless Will 2 points
  • Ambuscade 2 points
  • Double Strike 1 point

Judgement: 24 Points Total

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (7)
  • Sacred Sword 4 points
  • Purifying Flame 4 points
  • Pious Offering 5 points
  • Deliverance 2 points
  • Urgent Inquisition 1 point
  • Divine Destruction 4 points
  • Scourgebane 4 points

3. Passives

For the Passives, you’ll focus on three trees: Sentinel, Forge guard, and Paladin. You don’t need to drop any points in the Void Knight tree.

Sentinel Tree: 31 Points Total

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (8)
  • Juggernaut 8 points
  • Fearless 8 points
  • Armour Clad 5 points
  • Time and Faith 5 points
  • Blademaster 5 Points

Forge Guard: 29 Points Total

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (9)
  • Battle Hardened 4 points
  • Weapons Master 10 points
  • Fresh from the Forge 1 point
  • Champion of the Forge 8 points
  • Crushing Blows 6 points
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Paladin: 53 Points Total

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (10)
  • Defiance 2 points
  • Conviction 8 points
  • Valor 1 point
  • Phoenix Strike 1 point
  • Blinding Light 7 point
  • Rahyeh’s Strength 8 points
  • Faith Armour 8 points
  • Prayer Aegis 12 points
  • Light of Rahyeh 6 points

4. Gameplay and Mechanics

Now that you have a clearer picture of the overall build, let’s talk about how it works in action.

Warpath is your main wave clear ability. It lets you clear weak mobs quickly and easily. However, its main downside is that it drains mana like no tomorrow. That’s when Rive kicks in.

Thanks to the Coup De Grace upgrade, you can instantly kill monsters when their health drops below 15% using Rive. It also leeches health because of the Reclamation upgrade allowing you to sustain against waves of enemies.

With the passive from Holy Aura, you get bonus sustain and attack speed. When activated, it gives you a massive increase in health regen and endurance along with defensive buffs to survive anything the game throws at you. So activate it when you face a mini boss or a stronger mob.

Your main ability for Bosses is Judgement. The upgrades that you took for the skill consumes all your mana when you use it. However, it deals more damage now so use it when you need to take down a boss quickly.

Finally, you can use Lunge to move quickly around the map and also disengage when things turn south. The Dawn Charge upgrade also heals you up to 40% for your missing health when you use the skill.

How to Level Up For This Build

The two-handed Fire Judgement Paladin build makes you a massive Tank. You also deal insane amounts of damage after you put a couple of points into your skill tree.

When you start leveling, start with the Warpath skill tree. This is your bread-and-butter.

Also invest a few points into Rive every few levels so that you can leech health and mana.

This build is perfect for Monolith farming up to 200+ corruption. Remember, this game is all about experimenting and trying out different builds.

This build guide should give you a decent bit of idea on how to set up your character for your first Paladin playthrough. Good luck!

Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (11)

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Last Epoch Paladin Builds - Fire Judgment Paladin Guide (2024)
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