Phoenotopia Awakening – Briskly Collecting All Badges – A Video Walkthrough Series (2024)

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Phoenotopia Awakening – Briskly Collecting All Badges – A Video Walkthrough Series (1)

Basically, this is a port of the PABCAB Index to make it easier for Steam users to find the series with all due clarifications.


I realize that the Steam Community has a section for videos, but I’d rather present this series in the form of a guide, that way all the videos and clarifications are in one place. (I mean, I have a lot of clarifications to make, because the quality of my commentary betrays how introverted I am.)

Speaking of clarifications, I have a few primary ones to get out of the way.

  • EchecCritiqueMisc is in fact my YouTube account, despite the lack of resemblance to my Steam name.
  • This walkthrough was done on version 1.0.9 of the Nintendo Switch release. This shouldn’t matter too much, and I will clarify when I know that it does. (Even before that, the Steam release generally has better loading times than the Switch release.)
  • My capture card setup, at the time of recording, involves using one of my PC monitors as a makeshift TV on which to play the game, and the other to read notes while running RECentral. The former monitor is a Grade A HP 25VX 25″ 7ms (GTG) IPS HDMI Widescreen LED. (Also, I play with a Pro Controller when docked and Joycons when undocked.)
  • I apologize for the “quality” of my headset, especially in the moments when I emphatically announce the number of takes. I’m not proficient with audio engineering, let alone in RECentral, so I never notice anything strange until it’s too late. (Still, it’s better than the Macbook Pro built-in audio mic I was stuck with, back in my earlier YouTube days.)
  • OpenShot Video Editor was used to edit the footage, so the editing is probably not as clean as it could be otherwise.
  • The “Index” mentioned above is –
  • Collectible numbering is merely based on the walkthrough; it is not necessarily to be followed to the dot.

Use Ctrl+F to look for Oracle hints or particular names of collectibles, badges, etc. to find timestamps of the notables in question. (Box Breaker is omitted due to being easy enough to obtain without trying.)

Part 1: Getting Started

  • I sometimes mistakenly refer to “energy” as “stamina.” The former is the official term, but the latter is what I called it while playing the Flash game. Same goes for “Badge” and “achievement.”
  • miopasid (a.k.a. Whiskpl) was the first to demonstrate somersaulting and tumbling in that order. This movement tech makes the game so satisfying to run that it outweighs the Flash game despite being more than twice as long in every common category.
  • Both upward and downward slopes slow Gail down, so it’s best to jump over them as much as possible.
  • (Day 1) Upon further investigation, had I quick-equipped the Pumpkin Muffin along with the Slingshot, Alex would have not told me about the Gear Ring, and instead said, “Good luck!” This indicates that at least two items must be quick-equipped for the tutorial to be avoided.
  • The scaber bypass on the way to the second pearlstone was not possible in Demo v0.06b, because I-frames (invincibility frames) were virtually nonexistent back then.
  • There’s a shortcut to the fourth pearlstone (I don’t know why I said moonstone), but I forgot to mention that it requires the Bombs, which cannot be obtained until the next region.
  • Leading up to the post-abduction cutscene, to make sure that I select the second dialog options, I use a sort of rolling technique from the Confirm button to the Cancel button, prioritizing the latter because it does not select dialog options.
  • Regarding my explanation of why I don’t “Say everyone went camping,” I meant to say, “You get the unique text boxes from Alex’s fabrication, alongside the ones that occur either way.”
  • (Day 2) Amanda is the blue-haired girl among the orphanage trio, which additionally consists of Alex (brown hair) and Seth (blond hair).
  • Random encounters are technically not that big a waste of time (let alone as early as Panselo) in the Zero Trial portion of All Badges. You need 30 total, and 6 of them are mandatory for the Gold Moon badge.
  • The treasure chest in the middle of the west side of South Castella Bridge is a dud; it only contains 1 Rin.
  • As Vio says that Skye likes animals, Skye says that Porta likes the mayor, Porta says that Leaf likes the shooting gallery, and Leaf says that Mango likes dark places.
  • “See, if you were to return to Vio, then he or she would tell you that [Skye likes animals]…or they, I guess” goes to show how much I respect the lore. I mean, some of it is trivial to fast gameplay.
  • The solution to the song puzzle at southern Kingdom Bridge is in the engravings on the wall. You would have to blow up the rubble to see all of them.
  • “So, the reason why I don’t need to learn the Song of the Ouroboros just yet…” is because of this sequence break that I’m about to perform. I blame the box weirdness for disallowing me to finish that thought.
  • Speaking of the sequence break, my tutorial can be found

  • Seriously, the lore dump art makes Lisa look curvier than she deserves.
  • After the lore dump, you have the option to talk to Thomas and Bart before bed, to learn why and by whom the villagers were kidnapped. Wish I had any idea how significant this is.
  • (Day 4) If you try to request equipment from Thomas without having freed Fran, his client (conspicuously called Narf) fails to respond to his call, and guess what happens? A whole lot of nothing, at the cost of nothing (except the run, if applicable).
  • As a pacing guideline towards the Speed Runner achievement, in-game time should be no more than 2 hours before the hike from Panselo to Cosette.

Part 1 timestamps (1/2)

4:25Side QuestTalk to Nana on day 1Pumpkin Muffin (safety healing)
4:33BadgeStarting ArsenalWooden Bat obtained
4:40LootBeneath the Wooden Bat25 Rin
5:55LootDoki Forest screen 435 Rin
7:16Main StoryAnuri Parlstone 1above the first gate
7:45LootScaber maze pot15 Rin
7:45Main StoryAnuri Pearlstone 2scaber maze
8:37Main StoryAnuri Pearlstone 3watery path
9:17Moonstone 1“Within an ancient temple of amphibians… where bridges move over water… seek upwards…”
9:36Main StoryAnuri Pearlstone 4pot-filled, three-switch room
16:44Side QuestTalk to Amanda on day 2Potato Lunch (safety healing)
17:25LootNortheast of Panselo30 Rin
17:25Moonstone 2“From your home village… seek northeast… the tree holds a treasure…”
17:58LootPanselo shortcut cave50 Rin
18:26ProgressOverworld Encounters1/30 (1 extra)
18:34ConvenienceNectear *2for Katash 1
18:43Moonstone 3“High among the giant flowers… east of the local residents… a treasure rests on a leaf…”
19:16ConvenienceHoney Brew *6to quicken later portions
19:43Moonstone 4“High among the giant flowers… west of the local residents… a treasure rests on a leaf…”
20:10LootWest Sunflower Road35 Rin
20:38Moonstone 5“Below a broken bridge that runs east and west… it waits, wedged between two boards of wood…”quicker method demonstrated in Part 4 (3:04)
21:14LootSouthwest Castella Bridge30 Rin
21:49Main StoryInteract with Adar’s locked doorto allow Gail to ask Lisa about it
22:23ConvenienceUnlock Atai prison gateto facilitate backtracking to Zeke
22:27Main StoryTalk to Zeke in the bottom-left cellto allow Gail to ask for wine
22:42Main StoryTry and fail to purchase wineto allow Gail to ask Lisa for an ID card
22:53, 23:22, 23:41Main StoryTalk to Lisa, the mayor, and Lisa againso Gail can start asking away
24:02Main StoryInitiate hide-and-seekwhile Garnet unlocks Adar’s door
24:23Moonstone 6“In a lively desert city… where a young girl runs a small daycare… a treasure waits above…”
24:42Main StoryFind Viokid 1/5
24:47LootNear the Atai armory30 Rin
25:00Main StoryFind Skyekid 2/5
25:10Main StoryFind Portakid 3/5
25:29LootMayor’s storeroom30 Rin
25:29Moonstone 7“In a lively desert city… seek the mansion of the lonely mayor… in the storeroom waits a treasure…”
26:17LootWest well25 Rin
26:33Main StoryFind Mangokid 5 (faster to find before kid 4)
26:54Main StoryFind Leafkid 4
27:03Main StoryDye hair Dog-Tail Brownfor 20 Rin, to “match” the ID card
27:22Moonstone 8“In a lively desert city… a balcony holds a pot that shines…”
28:04Main StoryPurchase winefor 20 Rin, to give to Zeke for the Bandit’s Flute
28:10Main StoryWelcome Garnet backfor access to the Bombs
28:27Main StoryBandit’s Fluteto allow Gail to learn the Royal Hymn later on
28:45LootAbove the jail cells40 Rin
28:45Moonstone 9“In a lively desert city… a treasure waits above some prisoners you know well…”
29:02LootAtai Town dark tower30 Rin
29:02Moonstone 10“In a lively desert city… seek a tower without light…”Breaking the second box down makes backtracking easier.

Part 1 timestamps (2/2)

30:30Moonstone 11“In a beautiful, sunken valley… on the southern pier… a man wanting company waits behind a pole…”“Now I’m gonna stop by Moonlight Ravine…” for a quick NPC moonstone. A thought that I failed to finish. (Bronze Moon)
31:08PrerequisiteFree Fran at South Castella Bridgefor late-game weapons and future collectibles
32:00LootKingdom Bridge south45 Rin
35:38LootKingdom Bridge fortress basem*nt20 Rin
36:04Moonstone 12“Where a broken bridge runs north and south… a pot rests upon each tower… one holds a secret…”
37:39ConvenienceImpersonate a Peace Minister to Archeasy 50 Rin
40:28BossThe Wrecker
43:11Moonstone 13“In this fair city… an old woman sways on a rocking chair… listen well to her stories…”The one time I instantly got this moonstone was ironically during the rehearsal I did prior to my recordings.
43:32Moonstone 14“In this fair city… an alleyway holds a pot… a pot holds a treasure…”
44:22Main StoryLose Thomas in Daea City
45:22Main StoryAsk the scholar about the “Secret canal”back at the gate
45:31LootDorm attic35 Rin
46:06Main StoryTalk to the dorm student to inquire further
46:21Main StoryObtain Light Caster Card from Bimmyrequired for stamps
46:42Main StoryStamp 3: blacksmithfire and molten metal (found out of order because faster)
47:00Main StoryStamp 1: Blue Lobster ownerden of replenishment
47:14LootKitchen song stone100 Rin
47:33LootBeneath the stage75 Rin
47:43Main StoryStamp 2: librariantranscribed knowledge
48:00Main StoryStamp 4: scholarbeginning
48:30Moonstone 15“In the water channel of this fair city… many wooden boxes float… one holds the treasure you seek…”
48:56Main StoryTouch the bottom-left flickering lightto unlock the upper-right path
49:33Main StoryTouch the second-rightmost statuehas a flickering light near it
49:54ConvenienceSpoil Nectearsfor Katash 1
50:07Moonstone 16“In the dungeons below the royal towers… a room of water boilers holds the treasure you seek…”
50:28Main StoryFree the C-rank guard
50:48Main StoryGain access to the terminal
51:33LootTerminal room70 Rin (35*2)
51:33Moonstone 17“In the dungeons below the royal towers… a room of computers holds a treasure compartment… solve its riddle…”
52:06LootC block25 Rin
52:25Main StoryFree the B-rank guard
53:39Main StoryFree the A-rank guard
55:30BossGuard Gauntlet
57:53WeaponSonic Spear
58:39ConvenienceBlue Lobster discountfrom backtracking to Bimmy after clearing the Aqua Line
59:44Moonstone 18“In the royal towers… it sits in a pot before the statue of a faun…”
1:01:54LootWhite Towers 3F40 Rin
1:03:18BossKatash 1
1:05:36Moonstone 19“In the royal towers… hidden within a chandelier… the chandelier hidden behind some drapes…”should have been around 1:00:42 (I could have sought the Panselo gamma fence moonstone as a backup, but I preferred to stick to the route)
1:08:31Moonstone 20“In the royal towers… it rests at the very peak…”
1:11:55Main StoryRoyal Hymnmust be learned for the story to progress
1:12:46WeaponsKobold Blaster, Double CrossbowThe former requires the Broken Blaster after Moonstone 20.

Part 2: Finishing the Sprint

  • If using the Franway (which obviously is an impossibility in Zero Trial), an alternative location to buy Honey Brews is at the Blue Lobster, in which they cost as much as in Sunflower Road with Bimmy’s discount, else 5 extra per bottle.
  • Consumption in the overworld is instant, no matter what item is consumed. That’s why I ate the Nectear before entering Kingdom Bridge.
  • The principle behind crossing Kingdom Bridge with the Sonic Spear (Anti-Franway?) is to toss the box far enough to not break it, and leap onto it after it starts to float and before it reaches the surface. This is quite precise, but really fast. (Faster, in fact, than the bomb step Ouroboros Skip.)
  • In Cosette Village, the central barn contains a quick 30 Rin, which I would have picked up had I not forgotten.
  • FYI: I use the term “automata,” plural for “automaton,” while explaining the three towers in the Cosette region.
  • Speaking of which, falling from the summit of one of the three towers just gets Gail warped to the nearest platform.
  • “I think of the Kobold Blaster as my weapon of choice.” I decided this the moment I learned Early Blaster and tried to learn any% with just that weapon.
  • When editing the first farm for Cooked Mystery Meat, I made more jump cuts than I said I would, because my clarifications had awkward timings.
  • I mistakenly referred to Bart as Billy. Honest to goodness, the Flash game will never leave my brain alone.
  • Prior to the Cosette boss (which I like to call the Mainframe), getting too close before hitting the barrier (Aside: Why did I toss the Sonic Spear left before then?) will initiate a cutscene where Bart nearly meets the business end of the rightmost electric pillar. Mother Computer, on the other hand, is impervious to barrier damage until she beckons you.
  • (Beyond the Walls) Past the middle save point in the Scorched Lands, my preferred strategy for breaking the first three crates is to fire the 5-way at the lower two and break the upper one with a midair attack.
  • What really screwed my penultimate battery strategy in the Scorched Lands was the unusual bomb placement. I tried to improvise, but it didn’t work out, so…hilarity ensued.
  • The pause menu strategy on the path to the final Scorched Lands battery is important, because quick-equipping will not guarantee enough time to protect the chain crate, nor is the Double Crossbow alone a potent enough weapon to fend off the ghoul.
  • Credit to the Discord for the Mul Caves slope jump and the SPHERE “bypass” I mentioned, as well as the E.D.E.N. D block strat.
  • In Ariadne’s abode, you want to leap as much as possible, because the webbing slows ground movement.
  • To say that you “cannot” do a leaping hover over the first megalith obstacle in SPHERE is an exaggeration; just experience tells me that the jump to hover is leagues more consistent.
  • (E.D.E.N.) When I mentioned prematurely picking up the first two Chrystalis in the counterclockwise circuit, I wasn’t necessarily poking fun at miopasid/Whiskpl’s 2:45:32 Zero Trial. Long before that, when I first had the idea to rehearse beforehand, I did exactly that and, having no backup saves in tow, couldn’t bear to do anything short of starting all over again.
  • In the F block, were the evil eye to eliminate the lower rubble instead of the upper, you’d have to do a leaping hover off two bombs (For a more concise term, how about Liftoff?) from the edge of the basin to the rubble where the 10-Rin pot lies.
  • Speaking of which, the rubble in question can only be destroyed by lasers.
  • If 14 takes is somehow an insufficient indicator, it takes a crazy good combination of luck and execution to get through the end sequence. (Heck, my rehearsal probably took me way more attempts.)
  • Katash 2 does not steal consumables with his slashing attack. Even otherwise, Rat Poisoning wouldn’t work under Zero Trial conditions.
  • The times I fell to Katash 2 in rehearsal, I had to quit and reload the game via the HOME menu (the Steam equivalent being Alt+F4), just to keep the save file the way it is.
  • To reiterate, it is not necessary to win against Katash 2 under Zero Trial conditions. The backup is to table that fight, along with the E.D.E.N. basem*nt business, until after Light Wings.

Part 2 timestamps

6:20Main StoryTower of Dog
10:32Main StoryTower of the King
12:55Moonstone 21“Where man and machine coexist… climb to the top of the southmost windmill… then look down…”only relevant to All Badges due to being a pain to backtrack for
14:00ConvenienceFirst Survivalist farmsuperfluous, in retrospect
14:10LootBeneath the Tower of the Queen15 Rin
16:22Main StoryTower of the Queen
19:11LootOn the path to the Royal Archive20 Rin
20:15Main StoryRoyal Archive
21:24Loot5-note pillar puzzle40 Rin
28:00Main StoryWild goose chase at the First Wall
29:43Main StoryScorched Lands
37:22Main StoryMul Caves
38:21Main StoryRocket Boots
40:32LootPast Ariadne50 Rin
42:49Main StorySPHERETwo months after the recording, Japanese runner Waon uploaded
44:26LootFourth environmental screen30 Rin
45:26Main StorySpheralis(credit to Elekitu on Discord) It’s faster to head right from here and save the lower-left beacon for last.
46:09Main StoryLower-left beacon
46:48Main StoryActivate elevators
47:12LootRight corridor60 Rin
47:30Main StoryUpper-right beacon
48:00ConveniencePurchase MirandasAs I found out the hard way, I purchased too few.
48:27Main StoryUpper-left beacon
49:11Main StoryE.D.E.N.
49:30Main StoryB7 Chrystalisguardian construct gauntlet
50:07Main StoryB5 Chrystalismole mine puzzle
50:45Main StoryB4 Chrystalisevil eye gauntlet
52:39Main StoryD2 Chrystalisbarricade bypassing
53:17Main StoryE4 Chrystalistripwire avoidance
55:28Moonstone 22“Between the metallic azure city… and an underwater research center… the rail car holds a box…”costs no time at all; might as well get it over with
1:01:16Main StoryF5 Chrystalis“hey eye” manipulation
1:03:05LootF5 rightmost pot10 Rin
1:05:27BadgeSpeed Runner
1:06:17BossMother Computer
1:08:07BossShadow clones
1:10:35BadgesDark Wings, Victory, Zero TrialThe trailer in question can be found

Part 3: Commence Collectathon

  • If I sound strangely quiet or have some background noise in the recording (e.g. my text message notification is the moonstone noise), it’s because I decided to record in the afternoon as opposed to my usual “graveyard shift” hours. (Obviously, I should have had my phone muted, but the text message was an unforeseen circ*mstance.)
  • When I mentioned my throat condition, I meant to say that I didn’t see it getting any better but wanted to get the series out by the time the Steam release drops.
  • From this part on, if I say “excuse me” at seemingly random intervals, it’s because I’m burping.
  • Evidently, I did not realize that the elevator transitions are good opportunities to consume the Cooked Mystery Meat from the Zero Trial.
  • Spoiling food, such as for Rat Poisoning and the Mr. Planto sidequest, does not count towards the Experienced Cook badge. (If it did, then the Nutri-Food printer farm would involve less cooking Nutri-Meals in favor of consuming raw Nutri-Food.)
  • Credit to the Discord for the box lifting strat that I demonstrate in the Royal Archive. Also, it’s more optimal to have two of the spears in the wall prior to the first or second version of the lifting, that way only two breaks are necessary.
  • In recording this segment, I learned that you can hold the sprint button to buffer a sprinting input in the overworld.
  • Even though this video is under 48 minutes long, the in-game time taken was closer to an hour. (I didn’t think to check the exact value until after editing Part 4.)

Part 3 timestamps (1/2)

1:20PrerequisiteE2 podiumfor E.D.E.N. basem*nt
1:54PrerequisiteA2 podium
2:40ProgressExperienced Cook39/40
2:40BadgeExperienced Diner
11:24Bed 1E.D.E.N. basem*nt
11:38Journal 1E.D.E.N. basem*ntGrasso’s logs
13:46ConvenienceForgotten Teleporter activation
15:08Journal 2Lake Laboratory gazebo
15:40, 15:49PrerequisiteGEO Club membership, GEO Songfor Heart Ruby 11, Energy Gem 7, and Bed 6
16:07GEO Ticket 1GEO Clubtarget practice
17:00PrerequisiteHear the legend of the Daea City fountainsfor Energy Gem 14
17:11ProgressHoarder14/24 (fewer if you route the Concentrate technique into Zero Trial)
18:07Cat 1Daea Cityhouse of the rambling grandma
18:22Energy Gem 1“In the library of this fair city… guarded behind a Song Stone…”
18:47PrerequisiteDonate 5 Rin to the Daea inn fountainfor Energy Gem 14
18:55Bed 2Daea City dormitoryThis and the above can be saved until Heart Ruby 18 if funding is low.
19:25Heart Ruby 1“Within the tunnels of this fair city… the royal song opens the way…”
19:56PrerequisiteKeycard B *5for Energy Gem 2 and Moonstone 23
20:27Moonstone 23“In the dungeons below the royal towers… as you walk to B sector jail cells… keep your eyes upwards…”
20:49Energy Gem 2“In the dungeons below the royal towers… it sits in a jail cell marked B3-3…”
21:46Moonstone 24“In the water channel of this fair city… a treasure rests just out of reach… drop unto it from above…”
22:14Heart Ruby 2“Beneath this fair city… deep in the water channel… there it waits…”
22:58Moonstone 25“In the water channel of this fair city… a giant slimy foe carries a treasure in its gullet…”
24:09Heart Ruby 3“Beneath this fair city… deep in the water channel… and deeper still… it waits in a room near a sluice switch…”
25:09Moonstone 26“Beneath this fair city… deep in the water channel… and deeper still… search for new areas when the water runs low…”destructible pillars
26:03ConvenienceUnlock gate within Subterrato expedite Heart Ruby 39 and Moonstone 91
26:19Moonstone 27“Beneath this fair city… deep in the water channel… and deeper still… search for new areas when the water runs low…”chain reaction
27:24Moonstone 28“Beneath this fair city… deep in the water channel… and deeper still… search the room adjacent to the second sluice switch…”
28:30Side QuestTalk to Havelock at the Forgotten Pierfor the Serpent Rod
29:09Mini BossGreen slargummy in Subterrapart of Havelock’s side quest
30:47ConvenienceSerpent Roda bit slow, but also free and early
31:12ProgressOverworld Encounters2/30
31:12Moonstone 29“South of the fields of gold… a band of bewitched knights wander the map… one holds the treasure…”
31:55PrerequisiteInitiate Cosette Village sibling side questfor Moonstone 77
32:03Bed 3Cosette Villagemayor’s barn
32:20Journal 3Cosette Village
32:27Heart Ruby 4“Where man and machine coexist… it rests high within the house of the mayor…”
33:00GEO Ticket 2East Cosettescaber puzzle

Part 3 timestamps (2/2)

33:50PrerequisiteTalk to the sister in the GEO dungeonfor Moonstone 77
35:14Moonstone 30“In a deep tomb of knowledge… a tankbot incapable of firing reveals a hidden alcove in the wall…”
35:47Heart Ruby 5“In a deep tomb of knowledge… guarded by many blades… a treasure waits for a skilled adventurer…”Bronze Heart
37:27Heart Ruby 6“In a deep tomb of knowledge… behind a dragon fossil… a ladder…”I pointed out that the bookcase glyphs were shaped like Space Invaders, but somehow it never clicked that the tankbot minigame also resembles Space Invaders.
38:20Lunar Artifact 1Lunar Watch
39:09Energy Gem 3“In a deep tomb of knowledge… guarded by many blades… a treasure waits for a skilled adventurer…”I didn’t realize until more than a week after the recording that I could do a liftoff setup, but only because of the version I was on. (Switch 1.1.0 / Steam changed the layout of the room, making such a setup impossible.)
40:30Moonstone 31“In a deep tomb of knowledge… it waits guarded by a Song Stone…”
40:47Bed 4Royal Archivestaff room
41:50Moonstone 32“In a deep tomb of knowledge… as you step off the rail car… seek upwards…”
42:42PrerequisiteSpend all Rinto prepare for the Not for Profit sweep
43:43Heart Ruby 7“Along the road that cuts through gold… it sits in a small house…”
44:27Cat 2Wheat Road
44:40Moonstone 33“At the west end of the road that cuts through gold… it sits unnoticed in a box…”
45:15Cat 3Lake Laboratory
45:24ConvenienceTailoring Voucher 1unavoidable reward from Fran, and reduces the cost of the Hoarder badge
45:29Heart Ruby 8“Held closely by a short, eccentric scientist… help her in her quest for Moonstones…”

Part 4: From Rags to Riches

  • “I keep forgetting” refers to the squandered recording attempt, in case that wasn’t obvious. Shortly after, by “lower-left entrance,” I mean “lower-left exit.”
  • On the two-moonstone Daea City visit, if you have 5-9 Rin, the contingency is to donate to the fountain near the entrance and get the Energy Gem early. Any higher, and you’re better off making multiple donations to the inn fountain.
  • What I found amusing about killing the mouse with the Ouro Guard Key is how much thought my mind put into improvising, only for a single Wooden Bat swing to do the trick.
  • If you deal more than 15 damage to Birdy, then she will drop 10 Rin instead of 5. Also, as efficient as the farm is compared to other methods of obtaining Rin, the issue is that it can only be done in an unrepeatable fight / point of no return. (As recently discovered,
  • Looking back, I wonder how the Kobold Blaster 5-way hit Bubbles 10 times in one shot during the magma spewing phase.
  • I think the oddity with Lisa was a byproduct of mashing too fast and creating a situation where a character would normally stay in a talking animation even after being done talking. And seriously, what a shame.
  • During the badge progress report, I forgot to touch upon Not for Profit and the Overworld Encounters (and less importantly the usual bed, journal, and cat progress). Silly me.
  • Even though this video is under 58 minutes long, the in-game time taken was 1:27:08.
  • If you feel strapped for inventory space (e.g. when routing the Concentrate technique into Zero Trial), you can visit Tailoring Tracy’s in Atai Town before walking to Panselo with Lisa, to increase your inventory slot count to 23 (with the last slot being reserved for the second Tailoring Voucher).

Part 4 timestamps (1/2)

0:15Not for Profit 1Moonlight Ravine ferry
1:00Moonstone 34“Where a broken bridge runs east and west… seek inside the west tower…”
1:23Energy Gem 4“On a broken bridge that runs east and west… it waits beneath some rubble…”Bronze Spirit
2:15Moonstone 35“Below a broken bridge that runs east and west… it waits for the daring diver…”The two wooden columns make a good visual cue for the deep dive.
2:31Moonstone 36“Below a broken bridge that runs east and west… seek upwards…”
2:55Heart Ruby 9“Below a broken bridge that runs east and west… it waits near the water…”
3:26PrerequisiteTalk to the Traveling Melodiesto initiate the side quest for Heart Ruby 21 (I like Cobette’s line, “…kill me…” here.)
3:43PrerequisiteObtain Turtleto initiate the Dream Ore trading sequence
4:38ConvenienceNectear *10to be spoiled for Mr. Planto
4:40Energy Gem 5“Among the giant flowers… west of the local residents… the bees guard it closely…”
5:14Not for Profit 2, Bed 5Honey Bee Inn
5:31Cat 4Honey Bee Inn
5:53Heart Ruby 10“High among the giant flowers… east of the local residents… a treasure rests on a leaf…”
7:03ProgressOverworld Encounters4/30 (1 extra) (I don’t bother going for Nectears here because they’re not guaranteed.)
7:22Moonstone 37“Near where giant flowers grow… a strange glowing bee wanders the map…”
7:41Energy Gem 6“South of your home village… there exists a secret fishing spot…”
8:23GEO Ticket 3Southwest PanseloThe glowing books in this dungeon actually elaborate upon the solutions to the rooms, so the real reason I don’t need them is because I already figured out the songs.
9:46Heart Ruby 11“Within the jovial gathering place of explorers… a receptionist waits… present the golden ticket…”
9:51Energy Gem 7“Within the jovial gathering place of explorers… a receptionist waits…. present the golden ticket…”
9:58Bed 6GEO Clubrequires membership
10:16Trade 1Turtle for Pearl Ring
10:47Moonstone 38“Outside the jovial gathering of explorers… a great pool of water… a fish glows…”
11:52Moonstone 39“In this fair city… the tunnels yield to a luxurious dining room… a woman seeks to be moved through music…”
11:57BadgeNot for Profit3: pianist
12:35Moonstone 40“In this fair city… there are many windmills… one holds the treasure you seek…”
13:08ConvenienceTurn in Lunar Watch to Astridjust to free up the one inventory slot
13:53Heart Ruby 12“Beneath the house of an avid collector of artifacts… there it sits…”
14:46ProgressOverworld Encounters10/30 (5 extra)
15:53Moonstone 41“Head west from the avid collector of artifacts… a group of bandits wander the map… one holds the treasure…”
16:10Energy Gem 8“Southwest of this fair city is a dark cave… there it waits…”
16:40LootKingdom Bridge fortress attic50 Rin
16:40Moonstone 42“Where a broken bridge runs north and south… seek the Song Stone high above… the bridge that runs east and west… knows the melody…”
17:09Moonstone 43“Where a broken bridge runs north and south… in the water… a fish glows…”
18:04Main StorySong of Ouroborosfinally revisiting the Atai arc
18:31Ouroboros Scroll 1Atai wellI think my failures to cheese the second screen were due to bumping my head on the nearby ceiling.
21:18Bo’s Free Running 1Atai Townto initiate the side quest for Energy Gem 23

Part 4 timestamps (2/2)

22:48PrerequisiteInitiate Mr. Planto side questfor Energy Gem 29 (Saying “Yes” to Mr. Planto’s question, “Do you like flowers?” cuts down on the number of text boxes in the dialogue.)
23:04Energy Gem 9“Seek southwest from the lively desert city… there waits an oasis… and there waits a glowing fish…”
23:58Moonstone 44“Where a great stairway connects oasis and sandstorm… a boulder above holds a treasure within…”
24:24ProgressOverworld Encounters15/30 (4 extra)
25:21Moonstone 45“Where sandstorms rage without end… a thorny thistle weed wanders the map… be watchful for its glow…”
25:40Energy Gem 10“Where sandstorms rage without end… there exists an abandoned tower… a treasure waits at the top…”
26:44Heart Ruby 13“Where sandstorms rage without end… search south… an old tree bears a strange mark…”
27:08Antique Pin 1Ancient GEO maze (Sand Drifts)for Heart Ruby 47
28:02Heart Ruby 14“Where sandstorms rage without end… look west for a strange ruin… inside, seek the loud wind…”
29:19Heart Ruby 15“Above where bandits congregate… lies an abandoned tower… there it sits…”
29:50Moonstone 46“Where bandits congregate… a tower climbs up and up… within a chest it waits…”
30:02LootForlorn Ruins path25 Rin
30:18Ouroboros Scroll 2Sand Drift Ruinsto be exchanged for the Spear Bomb
32:12Moonstone 47“Outside a sand-filled temple of worshipping statue… dark birds gather… a patch of sand sounds most odd when passed over…”
32:57Moonstone 48“A sand-filled temple of worshipping statues… there waits a serene pool… a treasure waits for the daring diver…”
33:19LootNear the serene pool35 Rin
33:42Moonstone 49“A sand-filled temple of worshipping statues… a great stairwell… search the east wall for cracks…”
35:36Ouro Guard Key 1Melody donationalso contributes to Heart Ruby 21
36:26Ouro Guard Key 2Hub kunoichi
36:42Ouro Guard Key 3Upper-left mouse
36:51Moonstone 50“Where bandits congregate… a storage room locked by Song Stone… seek the password in the shrine…”
36:54LootBeyond the storage room40 Rin
37:15Main StoryStealth trial
37:35Ouro Guard Key 4Stealth trial bandit
38:25Main StoryCombat trial
40:20Main StoryObstacle trial
41:32Cat 5Beneath the lookout
41:42Heart Ruby 16“Where bandits congregate… an orange-haired girl is held captive… she awaits your rescue…”
41:59PrerequisiteStink Rootfor Heart Ruby 24 (This item is located nowhere else.)
42:34Energy Gem 11“Where bandits congregate… a fallen warrior has found solace in breaking boxes… meet his challenge…”
43:48ConvenienceBully Snakeeasy-ish 30 Rin alongside the shortcut
44:32ConvenienceUnlock the Atai metroto facilitate the Part 5 backtrack
45:06BadgesHard Hits, Treasure Hunter, Quick HitsBirdy farm
52:52BossBirdy and Bubbles
53:37PrerequisiteDoggy Biscuit *3for Moonstone 78
55:57Main StoryLifesaverfor Moonstone 74 and later Atai Town quests

Part 5: Many Good Deeds a Day

  • This is the first completely unedited part of the series. No jump cuts or anything, just 100% raw footage.
  • However, so much happened in this part that it may seem like my enthusiasm was dwindling over the course of my commentary. Please don’t take it the wrong way; my love for this series is unconditional.
  • More importantly, this is the part where I realized that I should do dress rehearsals before I start recording, that way I don’t have to look at my notes every minute to demonstrate my route. (I mean, I’m confident in my memory, but I guess I can’t be that confident.)
  • The trips through Sunflower Road are spaced more than 30 minutes apart, that way the Nectears respawn when they’re needed.
  • Similarly to the last part, I forgot to mention Hoarder in the progress report.

Part 5 timestamps (1/2)

0:25PrerequisiteBerry Fruit *2for Heart Ruby 33
0:54Moonstone 51“In a forest where thorny fruits grow… a treasure lies hidden in a cave…”
2:04Moonstone 52“Seek not within the ancient temple of amphibians… but without…”
2:39Pearlstone 5Past the bottom hallhardcore parkour
3:01Moonstone 53“Within an ancient temple of amphibians… seek the room of many pots… one hides a secret…”
3:31Pearlstone 6Crypt, right wingtombstones and pressure plates
3:55Pearlstone 7Crypt, centercircular room
4:13Moonstone 54“Within an ancient temple of amphibians… a place of death… a sarcophagus holds a secret…”Fun fact: This moonstone location dates back to Demo v0.06b.
4:24Pearlstone 8Crypt, bottomSlargummy Jr.
5:04Energy Gem 12“Within an ancient temple of amphibians… below the throne but above the tomb… there it sits…”Silver Spirit
5:32Pearlstone 9Left corridor, upper pathtrees and pots
6:04PrerequisiteDoki Herb *2for Heart Ruby 24
6:57Moonstone 55“Within an ancient temple of amphibians… above the old king’s throne… a sealed door hides the treasure…”Silver Moon
7:53Heart Ruby 17“Within an ancient temple of amphibians… it waits behind a locked door…”
8:12Lunar Artifact 2Lunar Vase
9:20Moonstone 56“When you first met your metal companion… in the waters… a fish glows…”
10:13Pearlstone 10Beyond the watersclimbing
10:44Lunar Artifact 3Lunar Frogthe reason all ten pearlstones are needed
11:27PrerequisiteStrange Urnfor Heart Ruby 39
13:37PrerequisiteThird Doki Herbfor Heart Ruby 24
14:12ConvenienceNectear *10 again
15:11PrerequisiteMr. Planto on Sunflower Road
16:20ConvenienceTailoring Voucher 2just like the first one
16:30Energy Gem 13“In the laboratory of a short, eccentric scientist… help her in her quest for Moonstones…”
18:51Heart Ruby 18“In this fair city… reach it from the balcony of a luxurious inn room…”
19:34PrerequisiteChocolate *3one of Heart Ruby 19, one for the trading sequence, one for convenience
20:09Energy Gem 14“In this fair city… a woman loved by birds… seeks to start a new legend… humor her…”
20:53Cat 6Thomas’s Laboratory
20:57Energy Gem 15“In the laboratory of a tall, eccentric scientist… guarded behind a Song Stone…”The nearby note actually says 07734. Funny how I didn’t remember this properly, considering it’s “hello” in a seven-segment calculator.
21:31, 22:02PrerequisiteThomas’s trials 1-4 and 2-4for Moonstones 57 and 58
22:41Heart Ruby 19“In the laboratory of a tall, eccentric scientist… a woman waits to be freed…”
23:37Heart Ruby 20“In the laboratory of a tall, eccentric scientist… hit a punching bag multiple times…”Silver Heart
24:14Journal 4Thomas’s Laboratory
24:38Moonstone 57“In the laboratory of a tall, eccentric scientist… a loyal assistant waits for a blue medallion…”
24:41Moonstone 58“In the laboratory of a tall, eccentric scientist… a loyal assistant waits for a red medallion…”
25:08Moonstone 59“In a beautiful, sunken valley… beneath the north dock… a fish glows…”
25:43Bo’s Free Running 2Moonlight Ravine
26:40Energy Gem 16“In a beautiful, sunken valley… it waits in the depths for the daring diver…”
27:06PrerequisiteRaw Knife Krillfor Moonstone 109
27:29Lunar Artifact 4Lunar Trident
28:16Moonstone 60“In a beautiful, sunken valley… a stubborn boulder blocks the cavity… a treasure waits within…”
28:38Moonstone 61“In a beautiful, sunken valley… a young couple embarks on their first steps of love… seek upwards…”
28:49Trade 2Chocolate and Pearl Ring for 60 Rin and Moonlight PerfumeThe former reward is just a bonus.
29:09Lunar Artifact 5Lunar Crown
29:21PrerequisiteLune Fruitfor Heart Ruby 33

Part 5 timestamps (2/2)

29:39Moonstone 62“In a beautiful, sunken valley… a little island holds three pots… one holds the treasure…”
30:42Moonstone 63“Near the lively desert city… a small abode with a teleporter… a fish glows in its water…”
31:08PrerequisiteAtai Franway donationfor the Traveling Melodies
31:30PrerequisiteMoonlight Ravine donation
32:02PrerequisiteCooked Drake Tailfor Heart Ruby 33
33:41PrerequisiteMr. Planto at the GEO dungeon between labs
34:20Bo’s Free Running 3Daea Cityalso makes Moonstone 64 obtainable
35:00PrerequisiteTalk to Harmony and Forte in Daea Cityfor the Traveling Melodies
35:26PrerequisiteGive Raw Knife Krill to Chef Basilfor Moonstone 109
35:51PrerequisiteConcentrate techniquefor Moonstone 64
36:20PrerequisiteInvite free running fan to dojo
36:41Moonstone 64“In this fair city… a skilled martial arts master seeks new students…”
37:10PrerequisiteDonate 50 Rin at Cupid’s Fountainfor the Traveling Melodies
38:02Heart Ruby 21“Held closely by members of a traveling music troupe… aid their cause…”
38:46Heart Ruby 22“In this fair city… right of the king’s throne… there it waits…”should be 24 (also, the room layout has changed since Switch 1.1.0 / Steam, making the second method impossible and the first method headbutt require a ground-level Sonic Spear throw)
41:08Energy Gem 17“High up in the royal towers… a treasure waits in a gazebo…”
42:43Heart Ruby 23“High up in the royal towers… it sits in a room guarded by time switches…”
43:05Moonstone 65“In the royal towers… it lies, tucked under the western balcony…”
44:34Moonstone 66“In the royal towers… an otherworldly foe carries it… he will be hard to catch…”
46:29Moonstone 67“In the dungeons below the royal towers… a familiar orange-haired girl seeks your help again… sector A…”On the backtrack here, I actually had two copies of Keycard A, not one. (Still, the liftoff is faster than the normal way up.)
47:44Moonstone 68“In the merry wall… in one of the dorm rooms… a well-disguised box holds the treasure…”
47:58Trade 3Moonlight Perfume for Stuffed Camelnot Stuffed Pony, contrary to what the child at Rhodus Checkpoint says
48:26Energy Gem 18“At the merry wall… a treasure waits above the office of the general…”
49:23Moonstone 69 nice“On the merry wall… a mother and daughter keep missing each other… relay their messages…”
50:25Heart Ruby 24“Within the merry wall… a waiter seeks your aid…”
50:36Cat 7First Wall
51:29Cat 8Rhodus Checkpoint
51:44Moonstone 70“Where two kingdoms meet… pester the guard in the watchtower and see what happens…”
51:50Moonstone 71“Where two kingdoms meet… a guard waits upon a tower… impress him with your flight…”
52:08“Weapon”Refurbished Crank Lamp…It does damage, I guess?
52:22Trade 4Stuffed Pony Camel for Letter of Recommendation
53:30Heart Ruby 25“In a lively desert city… it waits as a prize to be won in a target-shooting game…”
54:53Moonstone 72“In a lively desert city… it waits as a prize to be won… shoot the targets…”
56:28PrerequisiteDye hair Pepper Redfor Heart Ruby 28
57:14Moonstone 73“Beneath the lively desert city… an abandoned rail car lies in darkness… beware the ghouls that guard it…”
58:21Lunar Artifact 6Lunar Drakewe be feelin’ like gold
59:05Ouro Guard Key 5Bandit on Lunar Drake path
59:17Heart Ruby 26“Where bandits congregate… a fallen warrior has found solace in breaking boxes… meet his challenge…”
1:00:38Moonstone 74“Where bandits congregate… beneath the waters of their shrine… a treasure rests…”
1:01:17ConvenienceSpear Bombto facilitate Heart Ruby 54 and Energy Gem 33
1:02:26Moonstone 75“A sand-filled temple of worshipping statues… behind a locked door… a dragon snare makes an unlikely ally…”
1:03:48Lunar Artifact 7Lunar Compass
1:05:20PrerequisiteDrake Tail 2for Heart Ruby 33

Part 6: A Vault Load of Trouble

  • Again, this is unaltered footage. Even though I truly meant to do the D block of Adar’s Vault earlier and forgot to save before the two Wreckers, I only died once (in the D block) and consumed one extra Nutri-Meal, making the segment shorter than I expected.
  • I’ll admit, my self-awareness in this recording was entirely uncalled for, especially because just one Discord user at one point in time had one open-ended gripe about my commentary. Like, I should just acknowledge my tendency to ramble as novice commentary, because being picky with my words only leads to awkward silence, which perhaps is worse than repetitively constructed explanations. Not to say that I shouldn’t be mindful, just not in such a crude way. (In a manner of speaking, this whole ordeal is what I call sweating the small stuff.)
  • When I recorded and edited Part 7, I realized that the Antique Cast Iron specifically reduces the speed of the cooking timer.
  • Unmentioned in this part is the “Broken Doggoro?” item given by the scam-sleuthing guards at Adar’s House. Its purpose will be touched upon in the extra.
  • The rockfall in Adar’s cave can be triggered by destroying blocks of rubble other than the particular ones that I destroy.
  • My strat on screen 2 of the C block is not exactly a cheese. Call that a misnomer of habit. (Also, on the night I recorded this, a Discord conversation touched upon the use of the crate as shelter from the turrets/cannons. I personally could not translate this into a consistently fast strat, much less provide a demonstration.)
  • I pick up all the Golem Cores from the Wreckers in preparation for a moonstone sidequest at the Last Wall.

Part 6 timestamps (1/2)

1:13PrerequisiteDesert Squashfor Moonstone 109
1:15Lunar Artifact 8Lunar Comb
1:33Moonstone 76“Along the road that cuts through gold… at the top of one of the silos… search for a box…”
1:51Heart Ruby 27“Along the road that cuts through gold… it waits in a tall silo…”
3:00Moonstone 77“Where man and machine coexist… a young boy seeks the return of his sister…”
3:04Moonstone 78“Where man and machine coexist… a dog desires treats…”
3:26Moonstone 79“Where man and machine coexist… a dark uninhabited building contains what you seek…”
3:55Trade 5Letter of Recommendation for Doggoro
4:02Bo’s Free Running 4Cosette Village
4:49PrerequisiteTalk twice to the old lady at Pooki Farmswest barn (to initiate the side quest for Heart Ruby 28)
5:15PrerequisiteTalk twice to the old maneast barn
5:21BadgeCat Petter9: Pooki Farms
5:40PrerequisiteTalk to Judith
5:43PrerequisiteTalk to Rory naturally
5:46PrerequisiteTalk to Rory with red hair
5:53PrerequisiteFind Rory after he hides
6:00PrerequisiteDefeat the Arboar at the orange tree
6:49PrerequisiteReport to Judith
6:56Heart Ruby 28“Where man and machine coexist… a troubled couple seeks your aid…”
7:24Moonstone 80“Where man and machine coexist… seek the quiet waves… there rests a cave… within waits the treasure…”
7:57Heart Ruby 29“Where man and machine coexist… seek the quiet waves… there, a shark glows strangely…”
9:14PrerequisiteMr. Planto near the Cosette Franway
9:36LootCosette Franway25 Rin
9:36Moonstone 81“Where man and machine coexist… in a barn housing a teleporter… consult the weather vane outside…”
9:53Energy Gem 19“Where man and machine coexist… in a barn housing a teleporter… seek upwards…”
10:41Energy Gem 20“Held closely by an avid collector of artifacts… win her favor and she will relinquish it…”
11:19ConvenienceGive Lunar Artifacts 5-8 to Astridfor a bonus Antique Cast Iron
12:32PrerequisiteGet scammed at Kingdom Bridgeto continue the trading sequence
12:51PrerequisiteLend Doggoro to guards
13:18PrerequisiteChase the culprits
13:47, 13:59PrerequisiteGive Berry Fruits to Zeke and Birdyto initiate the side quest for Heart Ruby 33
14:10Heart Ruby 30“In a lively desert city… there is a door hidden behind a tapestry… there it sits…”This can be obtained faster if you toss the Sonic Spear to the left of the leftmost metal box, place a bomb on the far left of it, and crawl left atop it to get into the gap after its explosion.
14:33PrerequisitePurchase Vala Beansfor Heart Ruby 32
14:37PrerequisiteInitiate hide-and-seek round 2to continue the trading sequence
14:53PrerequisiteFind Vio againkid 1/6
14:55Bed 7Ribbon Gang Babysitting
15:05Moonstone 82“In a lively desert city… where a young girl runs a small daycare… a treasure waits above…”
15:21PrerequisiteGive Lune Fruit to Zeke
15:37PrerequisiteFind Mango againkid 2/6 (technically 5)
15:54Heart Ruby 31“In a lively desert city… above the equipment shop… you must brave the maze…”
16:19PrerequisiteFind Leaf againkid 3/6 (technically 4)
16:32Bed 8Atai Town dormitory
16:48PrerequisiteFind Blondiekid(?) 4/6 (technically 6)
17:11PrerequisiteFind Porta againkid 5/6 (technically 3)
17:21PrerequisiteTalk to the elder in the west hall of the mayor’s palaceto initiate the side quest for Heart Ruby 32
17:37PrerequisiteAsk the chef about the safeAside from her, the NPCs that give you hints to the mayor’s treasure are (in chronological order) Rufus, the table scrubber in the right hall, and the female guard in the upper-left exterior.
17:44BadgeExperienced Cook40: second Drake Tail

Part 6 timestamps (2/2)

18:04, 18:16, 18:25PrerequisiteIn the mayor’s bedroom, activate all, inner, and odd switches
18:42PrerequisiteObtain Stack of Letters
18:57Heart Ruby 32“In a lively desert city… an elderly man wishes to comfort a bereaved mayor… help him…”
19:30PrerequisiteFind Skye againkid 6/6 (technically 2) (Unlike last time, this returns Gail to base.)
19:41PrerequisiteObtain Prop Swordto continue the trading sequence
19:55Trade 6Prop Sword for Fantasy Novel
20:09Moonstone 83“In a lively desert city… above the equipment shop… you must brave the maze…”
20:23WeaponComposite Bat
20:38PrerequisiteGive Cooked Drake Tails to Zeke
20:59PrerequisiteHear Birdy’s testimony
21:20Heart Ruby 33“In a lively desert city… prisoners you know well are bored… entertain them…”
21:39Heart Ruby 34“Near the house of a humble bombmaker… two caves… the dark one…”
22:35Journal 5Adar’s House
22:38Bed 9Adar’s House
22:53Energy Gem 21“In the backyard of a humble bombmaker… brave the cave…”
23:08PrerequisiteAdar’s vault, entrance
24:11PrerequisiteAdar’s vault, A block
25:49PrerequisiteAdar’s vault, B block
27:59PrerequisiteAdar’s vault, C block
31:24, 32:38PrerequisiteAdar’s vault, D blocktook two attempts
34:31PrerequisiteAdar’s vault, final hall
36:34Heart Ruby 35“Seek the humble bombmaker’s abode… find his secret…”
36:36Energy Gem 22“In the humble bombmaker’s abode… find his secret…”
38:36ConvenienceNectear *10 one last time

Part 7: we can’t StoP HERE

The capitalization of this title is no mistake.

  • Finally, another edited part. The jump cut didn’t mean much to the in-game time, however.
  • Wendigos are technically not unkillable (if you damage them enough and finish with a powerful attack); they’re just not worth killing. (They only drop 1 Golem Core.)
  • I came up with a better term for the trick at 20:23 than what I tried to name it. I would call it a Slip Roll, as it’s used to slip through holes in the wall.
  • The other way to avoid Ariadne’s frenzy is to do a precise leaping hover. But, obviously, the one demonstrated is more reliable. (Also, Ariadne is invincible during that attack.)
  • The green beetles are called Aciads. Close, but no cigar.
  • In the environmental area beyond Pristine City, the third screen has multiple traps that punish reckless Spheralis use, not just the one that I pointed out. The one to the left of it punishes left and right notes with Moth Mines only, while the one to the right of it punishes all notes except center with Flying Scrappers on top of the expected mines.

Part 7 timestamps (1/2)

0:31Energy Gem 23“Between the walls of joy and sorrow… a running man wishes to test your skill…”Bo’s Free Running 5
1:26Bed 10Old Castles
2:25Lunar Artifact 9Lunar Goblet
2:45PrerequisiteMr. Planto between the walls
3:27ProgressOverworld Encounters21/30 (5 extra)
4:39Moonstone 84“Between the walls of joy and sorrow… a band of bewitched knights wander the map… their security drone holds the treasure…”
5:38Trade 7Fantasy Novel for Wendigo Claw
5:48Bed 11Last Wall
6:06, 6:08PrerequisiteTalk to Ruby and the female armored guardto initiate the side quest for Heart Ruby 48
6:27Moonstone 85“On the weeping wall… it rests high up on a tower…”
6:35PrerequisiteTalk to Wallace about his missing soldierto initiate the side quest for Energy Gem 31
6:41PrerequisiteTalk to Hilde about dog tagsto initiate the side quest for Heart Ruby 49
6:59PrerequisiteDeter Wallace’s soldier from the Miranda hologram
9:41ProgressOverworld Encounters23/30 before the mandatory one (2 extra)
10:11PrerequisiteOpen the path to the Ancient GEO Base
11:41Crystal Lens 1Right wingfor Antique Pin 2
12:19Journal 6Ancient GEO Base
12:39Energy Gem 24“In a forlorn place… where explorers once gathered… the book tells the tale… and the paintings show the way…”
12:54Crystal Lens 2Bottom-left ghoul room
13:50PrerequisiteUnlock the barricade to the ancient GEO puzzle
14:19PrerequisiteGive Crystal Lenses to GEO robot
14:29PrerequisiteSolve the ancient GEO puzzleIn retrospect, 0 0 3 0 1 is faster than 2 0 1 0 3.
14:39Antique Pin 2Ancient GEO Base
15:36Heart Ruby 36“Seek northeast… from the deathly realm of metal and fire… there waits a cave…”
17:54Moonstone 86“A deathly realm of metal and fire… a ghoul wanders the map… it holds a treasure within…”
18:08Lunar Artifact 10Lunar Medal
20:28Moonstone 87“Within a deathly realm of metal and fire… it waits in a box on the second floor…”
20:35Dog Tag 1Screen 3
21:00Dog Tag 2Screen 4
21:30Dog Tag 3Screen 5 acid room
21:46Dog Tag 4Screen 5 burrow
21:59Heart Ruby 37“Within a deathly realm of metal and fire… hidden within a giant gate…”
22:38Heart Ruby 38“Within a deathly realm of metal and fire… above the giant metal soldier… a watchtower…”
22:59Dog Tag 5Screen 6
23:08ConvenienceDisable the generator on screen 6for Energy Gem 25
23:16Energy Gem 25“Within a deathly realm of metal and fire… guarded by a series of great turrets… climb upwards…”
24:14Moonstone 88“Within a deathly realm of metal and fire… it waits in a closed room… perhaps a great turret can be lured to open the way…”
25:00Dog Tag 6Screen 7
25:32Moonstone 89“Within a deathly realm of metal and fire… a dark room with many ghouls… seek upwards…”
25:47Dog Tag 7Underground acid room
26:12Moonstone 90“Within a deathly realm of metal and fire… a dark, twisty path guarded by many ghouls… it waits at the end…”
27:15Dog Tag 8Abandoned bus
28:54Heart Ruby 39“Beneath this fair city… deep in the water channel… and deeper still… help the old amphibian… the last of his kind…”
29:17Moonstone 91“Beneath this fair city… deep in the water channel… and deeper still… a secret fishing spot holds a glowing fish…”
32:24Dog Tag 9Screen 8
33:56Heart Ruby 40“Within a great bug-infested cave… above the first set of nests…”
35:34Moonstone 92“Within a great bug-infested cave… beneath a bug’s nest… there lies a secret burrow…”
37:23Heart Ruby 41“Within a great bug-infested cave… the queen Ariadne holds a treasure…”

Part 7 timestamps (2/2)

40:25Moonstone 93“Within a great bug-infested cave… a great atrium holds many bug nests… within one lies the treasure…”
40:46PrerequisiteFeed the odd snare out in Mul Cavesfor Energy Gem 26 and Moonstone 94
41:26Energy Gem 26“Within a great bug-infested cave… a secret chamber lies below the sands… a strange dragon snare is the key…”
42:55ConvenienceGold Dragon Scale undergroundwill contribute to the Recycler Pro badge
43:03Moonstone 94“Within a great bug-infested cave… a secret chamber lies below the sand… a strange dragon snare is the key…”
43:50Moonstone 95“Within a great bug-infested cave… where the crystals shimmer green… a bug makes an unlikely ally…”The intended solution is to clear the mutant snares, let a thorniad crawl to the left side, and coax the thorniad to jump into the spike pit and not roll out.
47:09Energy Gem 27“Within a great bug-infested cave… from the food storage of the colony… seek downwards and west…”
49:13Moonstone 96“Within a great bug-infested cave… within the colony’s food store… search the ceiling…”
50:11Heart Ruby 42“Within a great bug-infested cave… a maze of hidden paths yields to the treasure…”
51:31Moonstone 97“Within a great bug-infested cave… a treasure lies below the north exit…”
53:01Moonstone 98“West of the giant metal sphere… a bug’s next yields to a cave… the cave yields to a treasure…”actually faster (and safer) to visit just before Aurantia
55:53Energy Gem 28“West of the giant metal sphere… a bug’s nest yields to a cave… the cave yields to a treasure…”
58:27Moonstone 99“From the great metal sphere… seek northwest… there a shark glows strangely…”
1:00:15Bunny Figurine 1First environmental screenrequired for Energy Gem 30
1:01:24Bunny Figurine 2Second environmental screen
1:02:03Moonstone 100“Head west from the metallic azure city… on the roof of a rail car station… a pot holds the treasure…”
1:03:14Bunny Figurine 3Fourth environmental screen
1:04:27Energy Gem 29“A solitary being seeks to plant flowers… he needs materials… aid him in his endeavor…”at the Pristine City entrance
1:04:45Bed 12Pristine City
1:05:11Bunny Figurine 4Upper-left beacon room
1:05:55Heart Ruby 43“In an underwater research center… C… 4…”
1:06:30PrerequisiteC8 Chrystalistroll and harpy fights
1:09:45Heart Ruby 44“In an underwater research center… A… 5…”
1:11:43LootE.D.E.N. room D340 Rin
1:11:43Moonstone 101“In an underwater research center… D… 3…”
1:12:18Heart Ruby 45“In an underwater research center… D… 4…”
1:13:37Moonstone 102“In an underwater research center… F… 4…”the sole reason all seven Chrystalis are required
1:15:58Moonstone 103“In an underwater research center… F… 3…”
1:17:13Bunny Figurine 5Upper-right beacon room
1:17:35Bunny Figurine 6Room 319 robot
1:18:52Bunny Figurine 7Room 319 music puzzle
1:19:03Energy Gem 30“Within a metallic azure city… a metal being seeks seven hidden hares…”
1:19:12Lunar Artifact 11Lunar Key
1:20:24Heart Ruby 46“From the metallic azure city… head east… there lies a treasure…”
1:23:33Moonstone 104“Head east from the metallic azure city… a moth mine makes an unlikely ally…”

Part 8 (finale): This Is Gold Country

  • You can repeat the fights against the triple threat and two Arboars anytime, and the last enemy you defeat will drop 40 or 30 Rin respectively.
  • I forgot the Panselo gamma fence moonstone mainly because I mixed up my final route with an earlier route (which had it on the first backtrack through Panselo, and I rerouted because it accidentally provides too much Rin to NfP the Daea City pianist). Between that and neglecting to recycle the first Gold Dragon Scale trio on the first Recycler round, this was such a hot mess of a “demonstration,” despite the first try PHALANX.
  • The unraveling process starting at 1:24:20 is necessary to unlock the Steam achievements.
  • I compiled a – to summarize the fastest(?) way to obtain all badges.

…Surprisingly, that’s it.

Part 8 timestamps

0:37PrerequisiteMoon Crystalfor access to Aurantia
1:02Heart Ruby 47“Within the jovial gathering place of explorers… the leader seeks the lost mementos of her forebears…”
2:02PrerequisiteRetrace Ruby’s stepsProgress is unaffected by overworld encounters.
2:30Moonstone 105“On the weeping wall… some scientists seeking metal parts hold it close… haggle with them…”“These researchers here take bundles of 10 moonstones…” Obviously, I meant Golem Cores. What happened to my brain at that time?
2:44Heart Ruby 48“Within the weeping wall… aid a familiar orange-haired girl in her quest to prove her innocence…”
3:03Heart Ruby 49“Upon the weeping wall… help an old woman that seeks peace…”
3:18Energy Gem 31“At the weeping wall… the general seeks the return of his lost recruit…”
6:38Verdant Stone 1Troll atop the first towerrequired to progress through Aurantia
7:21Verdant Stone 2Harpy atop the second tower
8:24Verdant Stone 3Timed switches past the second tower
8:45Moonstone 106“In a vast orange forest… a gazebo high up holds a treasure…”
9:42Verdant Stone 4Snares before the third tower
11:11Moonstone 107“Before the strange town of winged beings and green giants… a battle on a great bridge awaits…”
12:53BadgeFluffy Pillow Connoisseur13: Terreleum
13:11Energy Gem 32“In a strange town of winged beings and green giants… it waits for a buyer…”
13:15Heart Ruby 50“In a strange town of winged beings and green giants… it waits for a buyer…”
13:21PrerequisiteMysterious Braceletfor Ending Arsenal
13:31Moonstone 108“Beyond the strange town of winged beings and green giants… a battle with two great boars…”
16:12ProgressFishing begins
16:55ConvenienceGold Dragon Scale at World’s End
23:11Lunar Artifact 12Lunar Egg
42:30ConvenienceGDS fish respawn
47:54BadgeFishing Pro
50:50Trade 8Wendigo Claw for Dream Ore
52:00Heart Ruby 51“In your home village… it waits at a high place…”
52:19Heart Ruby 52“In your home village… it waits in the bedroom of a dear friend…”
52:29BadgeSnooper7: Rutea’s room
52:36WeaponsRemote Bomb, Treble Shot, Berserker’s BandThe last is even more strange than the Refurbished Crank Lamp, but it is part of the Ending Arsenal all the same.
53:44BadgeOverworld Encountersfarmed in the Panselo region
55:31Heart Ruby 53“Held closely by an avid collector of artifacts… win her favor, and she will relinquish it…”
56:32WeaponsNight Star, Steel Bat, Civilian’s Crossbow
57:05BadgeEnding Arsenal
57:32Moonstone 109“In this fair city… a chef seeks to discover new flavors… aid him in his quest…”
57:56ProgressRecycling trip 1The first three Gold Dragon Scales should have been involved here but were not.
59:10Heart Ruby 54“In the target range of this fair city… it waits as a prize to be won…”
1:00:48Energy Gem 33“In the target range of this fair city… it waits as a prize to be won…”Gold Spirit
1:04:16ConvenienceTerreleum shopping spreefor Gold Dragon Scales and Dekea Butter to recycle (the latter costs less than it yields)
1:06:33ProgressRecycling trip 2
1:07:41ConvenienceChocolate hoardingcontingency to avoid having to revisit Terreleum again
1:08:04ProgressRecycling trip 3
1:08:52ConvenienceMore Chocolate to recycle
1:09:23BadgeRecycling Pro
1:11:01Heart Ruby 55“Held closely by a short, eccentric scientist… help her in her quest for Moonstones…”Gold Heart
1:12:42Moonstone 110“From the metallic azure city… seek upwards…”
1:13:47BadgeLight WingsIt’s important to zoom out to make the PHALANX easier to target and avoid.
1:24:12Moonstone 111“From your home village… seek northwest… where the fence bends… a treasure waits…”should have been before the Overworld Encounters farm[/td

Extra: Leftovers

Even the lengthy process of collecting all badges leaves a few stones unturned. This video serves to address the remaining collectibles of Phoenotopia: Awakening, as well as cover some bases that are unimportant to the All Badges route.

  • PHST stands for Phoenotopia 100% (Hundo) Speedrun Tutorial, the Flash game counterpart and predecessor of this series.
  • Like none of the main parts, this extra part wore me out and taught me more than I could have ever foreseen. Recall how unprepared I was in Part 5, and multiply that fourfold to get a rough idea how this recording went. Even so, I wouldn’t have it any other way, given the casual deviation thereof from my usual hasty style in the main series. (FYI: This footage is entirely unedited.)
  • When playing hide-and-seek with the Perro in Daea and the Forbidden Lands, hitting them (such as with the Rocket Boot thrusters) will cause them to fly away.
  • In Part 4, when I fought the first Great Drake, I wondered how I hit it 10 times with a single 5-way shot of the Kobold Blaster. Similarly, the two-drake fight also had its fair share of that sort of phenomenon. Could it be that the Great Drake has two hitboxes?
  • I timed the Atai metro against overworld movement from the Ouroboros’ hideout to Atai Town and vice versa. Turns out the metro is slower as a whole.
  • Just after the recording, I had put at least 325 hours total into the Switch release.
  • Now that I’ve played the Steam release to a satisfactory degree, I must say that I prefer it to the Switch release because of its superior loading times, but at least the Switch has portability going for it. (Especially in my case, with my only recreational laptop being a 2012 MacBook Pro.)

Extra timestamps (1/2)

0:53MiscellanyCobette aftermath
3:27LootE.D.E.N. A2 gauntlet60 Rin
4:38ConsumablesE.D.E.N. A block, unimportant roomNutri-Food and Miranda
5:33ConsumablesE.D.E.N. C5Nutri-Food and Miranda
6:47LootE.D.E.N. C7225 Rin
8:23Consumable, LootE3 gauntletNutri-Food, 50 Rin
10:31SongAva’s Lullaby
15:00MiscellanyOcean Cliffs mermaidShe says something different the first time you catch her.
16:20Perro 1South of SPHERE
19:46LootMul Caves, right side of the snare room25 Rin
20:05LootLeft side of the snare room25 Rin
23:01LootHub 250 Rin (explained at 21:18)
24:40LootScorched Lands, cursed tunnel25 Rin
26:11LootScreen 7, upper-right crate40 Rin
27:18ConsumableScreen 6, upper-leftAstro-Lunch
28:13, 29:18MiscellanyScorched Lands jumpscare and veteran baitFlash game reference, with a twist
29:42LootScreen 3, upper right25 Rin
31:06Perro 2Between the walls
31:38MiscellanyFort between the wallsThe pre-1.0.7 Heart Ruby was glitched and would respawn with a simple screen transition. What a vital piece of history to somehow forget to touch upon, eh?
33:26GEO Ticket 4Between the wallsIn the second room, 0 0 3 is a better solution than 1 2 2. The third room is identical to the ancient GEO puzzle (i.e. 0 0 3 0 1 > 2 0 1 0 3).
35:46Ouroboros Scroll 3Cupid’s Fountain
37:02GEO Ticket 5Between the laps
40:22MiscellanyFran’s negotiation attempt
46:37ConvenienceGold Dragon Scale outside Anuri Temple
47:52Optional BossCentury Toad
50:57LootUp-left from Anuri Temple9 Rin
53:23Perro 3South of Daea City
54:25EquipmentJade Hauberk, Fishing Rod, Crank Lamp
55:20MiscellanyAbsence of the Oracle
56:22GEO Ticket 6Daea City windmill
1:03:17Consumables, MiscellanyChocolate *6, Doggoro aftermath
1:04:45PrerequisiteArboar Meatfor Elixir
1:05:39ConsumableSilver League shooting galleryRubber Ducky
1:10:44TechniqueTroll Guard
1:14:25Ouroboros Scroll 4Far Beach
1:17:10Perro 4Pooki Farms
1:19:11Consumables, LootCosette Village, leftmost barnCosette Cannoli, Fruit Jam, 40 Rin
1:19:44PrerequisiteInitiate side quest for Temperance
1:20:40GEO Ticket 7North Cosettethe buried barn that has stumped many a player, myself included
1:24:08LootRight entrance above the Subterra fish25 Rin
1:24:46LootLeft entrance above Subterra fish100 Rin
1:25:40GEO Ticket 8Subterra

Extra timestamps (2/2)

1:30:20SongPrelude of Panselo
1:31:26EquipmentNeutron LampOne thing I failed to present in this extra: Returning to Rutea’s lab after obtaining all of Thomas’s tools triggers a special cutscene featuring Narf.
1:33:09Perro 5North of Panselo Village
1:33:56LootSouth Castella Bridge, beneath where Fran was buried15 Rin
1:34:09GEO Ticket 9South Castella Bridge
1:36:29LootAtai Franway, easiest Song Stone puzzle ever45 Rin
1:37:24GEO Ticket 10Kingdom Bridge
1:39:48EquipmentGEO Jacket
1:41:40MiscellanyDye hair Grape Purple
1:42:41ConsumableBeginner Course shooting galleryRubber Ducky
1:47:54LootAtai Town falling maze35 Rin (The slower solutions are LLR, CLL, and RLR.)
1:48:16EquipmentSky Vest
1:49:04ConsumableCaucasian guard at the OasisSaffron Milk
1:49:16Ouroboros Scroll 5Oasis
1:51:21Perro 6Sand Drifts
1:55:44Ouroboros Scroll 6Sand Drifts
1:59:36TechniqueSpell of Rejuvenationsecond Ouroboros Scroll reward
2:00:27SongBaroque of Battlefinal Ouroboros Scroll reward
2:02:24TechniqueTusk Strike
2:04:02ConsumablesPerro pen after all six are foundGolden Egg *2
2:08:36MiscellanyDaea City glowing fountainfirst five songs (I didn’t know at the time that I could save and reload to cheese the recharge timer.)
2:13:44Verdant Stone 5Glowing troll beneath the second tower
2:15:17ConvenienceGold Dragon Scale in the first tower
2:16:07LootTimed switches in the second tower75 Rin
2:18:37Verdant Stone 6Pots near the third tower
2:21:44LootTimed switches in the third tower75 Rin (In a similar vein to the rail sawers, scabers can be destroyed with boosted and charged Night Star swings, and they drop 20 Rin each instead of 1.)
2:22:05Verdant Stone 7Harpy duo atop the third tower
2:23:50LootBarricaded treasures before Terreleum259 Rin (9 + 250)
2:24:50, 2:25:45TechniqueWhirlwindtook two attempts
2:27:01EquipmentLife Ring
2:28:01ConsumableGreen harpy in the top-right Terreleum roomGolden Egg (in exchange for a Gold Dragon Scale)
2:28:47Verdant Stone 8Terreleum exterior baby harpy (Arba)also in exchange for a Gold Dragon Scale
2:28:56ConsumablesBehind the last Verdant Stone barricade8 Dekea Nuts
2:31:20MiscellanyDaea City glowing fountainlast song
2:34:00ConsumableSuper ShroomMamma mia!

This is all about Phoenotopia Awakening – Briskly Collecting All Badges – A Video Walkthrough Series; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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Phoenotopia Awakening – Briskly Collecting All Badges – A Video Walkthrough Series (2024)


Who is the optional boss in Phoenotopia? ›

Century Toad is an optional boss residing behind the second large gate in Anuri Temple. It is a massive Toad with an impenetrable rock hide around its head. When Gail drops onto the arena close to it, Century Toad will awake and begin the fight.

Where are the ouroboros scrolls in Phoenotopia Awakening? ›

Ouroboros Scrolls are a new type of Quest Items in Phoenotopia: Awakening. They are housed within the Ouroboros Shrine, and Atri would either teach Gail the Spear Bomb, Spell of Rejuvenation, and Baroque of Battle in this order for each pair retrieved.

Who is the final boss in Phoenotopia? ›

Katash is the leader of the Kobolds, and the primary antagonist of Phoenotopia: Awakening. He serves as both the boss of the White Towers, and as the final boss encounter of the game.

Who is the first non optional boss in bloodborne? ›

The first of the game's mandatory bosses, Father Gascoigne is perhaps one of Bloodborne's most tragic characters. Players will encounter him in Central Yharnham after they've already faced the Cleric Beast, which is actually an optional boss.

Is Godric an optional boss? ›

Godrick is an optional boss, however he drops a Great Rune, two of which are required to enter Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Who is the optional boss in Tales of Destiny 2? ›

Magnadeus (マグナディウエス, Magunadiuesu?) is a minor antagonist and optional boss in Tales of Destiny 2.

Is Radhan an optional boss? ›

Starscourge Radahn Is Elden Ring's Most Important Optional Boss.

Is Renalla an optional boss? ›

Rennala is an optional boss, and doesn't need to be defeated in order to advance in Elden Ring. However, she is a shardbearer, and two of the five available shardbearers must be defeated before entering Leyndell, Royal Capital. In addition, she must be defeated to achieve a certain ending.

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